E4A Golf Challenge - 2018 Els for Autism Golf Challenge at Conway Farms Golf Club
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Tournament:  Conway Farms Golf Club
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My son Aidan is autistic and while fully functional has challenges.   This year the challenges we anticipate are going to be more than interesting.  He has just entered high school and 6 weeks in so far so good for the most part.   There are nuances though....he joined the school play with his brother but backed out at the last minute mainly because autistic children have a hard time being part of a social , noisy group.  So this year he has committed to taking that on as a challenge.    I find his willingness to do that quite extraordinary while at the same time dreading what he has to go thru to overcome these challenges.

I cite these anecdotes mainly to share with you all a few anecdotes about what autistic children have to go thru and should you or anybody in your circle encounter this to make sure there is a sense of empathy.

Ernie and Liezl Els have put their heart and soul into building a school which was completed last year after 9 years and it is to their credit and resolve, that of finding a cure,  that I ask you to provide a token contribution that I guarantee will go a long way to support the Els' in their endeavor.

We are participating in the 2018 Golf Challenge to raise money for the Els for Autism Foundation. You can make a difference by donating generously to any of our team members or to our team. Together, with your support, we can reach our fundraising goal.