E4A Golf Challenge - The Els for Autism Golf Challenge at Hazeltine National Golf Club
Team Sam Stephens 

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My good friend Brian Moores and I are raising money for the Els for Autism Foundation in honor of my son Sam. Please help us support Sam and make a difference in the lives of children and their families who are affected by Autism on a daily basis.

To everyone who helped support Team Sam Stephens last year, we thank you and look forward to your continued support moving forward.  This year we have some different fundraising avenues we are going to pursue with more information to follow but the most important thing is to find one that works for you and donate.  Without your generous support our efforts will go unnoticed.

Brian and I were able to attend the Grand Finale last November and that event just reinforced the passion we have for this cause and the work that the Els for Autism Foundation has done over the years all due to the generous donations received from each one of you.  Their vision for the future just continues to grow for the foundation and is exciting to be a part of.   To see what the Els for Autism Foundations does and has done for the children and families dealing with autism will make you smile and cry at the same time. 

Thank you again for your continued support of Team Sam Stephens and we look forward to growing our relationship with there Els for Autism Foundation in the future.

Sam, Kelly and Brian.


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  • Al & Linda Wallace
    $204.00 USD
  • Jim Stephens
    $200.00 USD
  • Amy & Brian Johnson
    $50.00 USD
  • Paula Lewis
    $30.00 USD
  • Duncan Norcross
    $25.50 USD
  • Elaine Loeffler
    $25.00 USD
  • Mike Chandler
  • Walter Johnson
  • Zona Simonson
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