E4A Golf Challenge - The Els for Autism Golf Challenge at Philadelphia Country Club
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Autism affects 1 in 68 children in the US.

The chances are you know an autistic child or a family with an autistic child. In fact many actors, musicians, scientists & entrepeneurs have been diagnosed as Autistic or fall into the Autism spectrum including Steve Jobs, John Lennon and Albert Einstein.

Who knows how the next autistic child will change the world.

Eddie Butler and I  are participating in the 2017 Golf Challenge to raise money for the Els for Autism Foundation. You can help make a difference by donating generously to any of our team members or to our team. Together, with your support, we can reach our fundraising goal.

Thank you for your generosity.


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  • Brian Ginty
    $250.00 USD
  • Amberish Ratanghayra
  • Thaddeus Verhoff
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