E4A Golf Challenge - 2018 Els for Autism Golf Challenge at Duke University Golf Club
Peyton's Pirate Crew!

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We are participating in the 2018 Golf Challenge, May 21st at Washington Duke Golf Club, to raise money for the Els for Autism Foundation. Els for Autism is developing innovative, evidence-based programs for families and individuals across the life span. Their focus is on autism education, research, global outreach, recreation services, therapy services, and adult services. You can make a difference by donating to either of our team members or to our team, Peyton's Pirate Crew. Cortney and Ashley (Peyton's parents) were able to visit the Els Center of Excellence last year where they saw first hand the difference the Els for Autism Foundation is making. Together, with your support, we can reach our fundraising goal and help individuals and families affected by autism. Thank you so much for your generosity and support!

Peyton's Pirate Crew


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  • Justin Douglas
    $500.00 USD
  • Darrell Davis
    $300.00 USD
  • Jason & Lindsey High
    $261.12 USD
  • Jodi Myers
    $255.00 USD
  • Mac Hammer
    $255.00 USD
  • Joseph Bradley
    $200.00 USD
  • Tim Smith
    $200.00 USD
  • Kirk Bidgood
    $153.00 USD
  • Angie Bostrom
    $102.00 USD
  • Emmett Goodwin
    $102.00 USD
  • Keith & Pamela Morris
    $102.00 USD
  • Mary Gaddis
    $102.00 USD
  • Phillip Eycke
    $102.00 USD
  • Sean & Ashley Dennis
    $102.00 USD
  • The Darden Family
    $102.00 USD
  • John & Phyllis Bourges
    $51.00 USD
  • Mark Hardee
    $50.00 USD
  • Robert Hagerstrom
    $50.00 USD
  • Lori Wollman
    $25.50 USD
  • Bob Echols
  • Bonnie and Steve KNIER
  • Brad & Jackie Myers
  • Brent Anthony
  • Brian & Elisabeth Burns
  • Brian Schoolman
  • Cathy Green
  • James Struffolino
  • Jonathan Beavers
  • Katie Pahner
  • Ken High
  • Kristen Fritz
  • Robert and Amy Echols
  • Rosemary Smith
  • Russ and Kate Duncan
  • Terri (Jim) Morris
  • Tracy McDonald
  • Zack Tomlin
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