E4A Golf Challenge - 2018 Els for Autism Golf Challenge at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster
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Our inspiration for both of Tanner’s Teams is our Honorary Captain,Tanner, our seven year old son.  Tanner is a smart, kind and happy boy who works very hard to try and conquer his challenges.  We have seen so much growth, however Tanner still has a long road ahead. Our journey has taught us so much about patience, hard work and family. Most of all…unconditional love.

Shortly after Tanner’s diagnosis we were invited to the Els’s home to talk about autism & our experiences.  We left there with a desire to not just help Tanner, but help everyone affected by autism. 

Over the last 4 years, both of Tanner’s Teams have raised over $200,000 in the Golf Challenge, including an Els Cup in 2017. My wife Corinne and I have also had the opportunity to attend numerous other Els for Autism events.  We are completely honored & proud to be involved with such a wonderful organization.

Thank you to Liezl & Ernie Els for sharing their story and creating Els for Autism.

We would like to thank our family, friends, co-workers and all of Tanner’s teachers/therapists that come together as one to make up Tanner’s Team.

Tanner – You amaze us!!

Corinne & Gregory Poor


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  • In memory of Grampy
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