E4A Golf Challenge - 2019 Els for Autism Golf Challenge at Caves Valley Golf Club
Team EY: Luke McIlhattan and Marcelo Bartholo
Tournament:  Caves Valley Golf Club

Support The Cause

On behalf of the EY family, we are participating in the 2019 Golf Challenge to raise money for the Els for Autism Foundation. You can make a difference by donating generously to any of our team members or to our team. Together, with your support, we can reach our fundraising goal.


Donate Now


  • Paul
    $510.00 USD
  • Richard McIlhattan
    $510.00 USD
  • Marcelo Bartholo
    $500.00 USD
  • Samuel Hughes
    $500.00 USD
  • Craig Johnson
    $250.00 USD
  • Elizabeth Vogel
    $102.00 USD
  • Luke McIlhattan
    $102.00 USD
  • Michael Yadgar
    $100.00 USD
  • Rich Hansen
    $50.00 USD
  • Anna Bourne
  • Benjamin Silverman
  • Cynthia Doe
  • Dan McIlhattan
  • Emily Mcilhattan
  • Parisa Salkhordeh
  • Robert Mcilhattan
  • Sharon McIlhattan
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